Depression cured in 3 mins?  

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So I guess I can't really put down on something I haven't tried. But in this case, I am not going to relinquish my email address in the hope that my depression will be cured in 3 mins.

This website says that it can do just that.

I would venture to disagree.

Medicated at 13 (Prozac) I have now clocked up over 13 years on and off anti-depressants.

12 and a half years of them were on Prozac.

Earlier this year I started to move from low-laying constant depression to rapid-cycling mania. Apparently prolonged Prozac use can have that effect. 2 months off meds and I was a mess. I am now on a gradually rising dose of Citalopram and can think clearly again.

If I could live without them I would. It is terrifying to know that my moods are totally dependent on a small white pill, but that's life.

Depression is such a personal illness, it can have so many roots and causes - just like any mental health problem. To suggest that it can be "cured" in three minutes at the "flick of a mental switch" and a raft of emails is mis-leading at best.

Sure, for some folk it might work - who am I to say? But, for every success story, I would put money on there being hundreds for whom it has not.

Oh, and by signing up you can also get a 500 dollar gas card.

There is an irony there. Or is that just my sick mind?

I'm going to be controversial. If it can be cured in 3 minutes, might I suggest it is not actually depression?

I always feel the first post sets a tone  

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It does, doesn't it?

Maybe not in a make or break sense, but definitely in a "Twat, I'll not bother with this blog again" sort of way.

So, here are my ponderings for today. I may or may not see some of you again I guess!


Now, I'm a kind of liberal geek...and this just warms the cokcles of my little heart. As much as I am not a fan of old JB, I was really impressed with his video. And with his frankness on BBC Breakfast when he was asked about it.

People are still dying because of their sexuality, but maybe there's a little bit of hope on the horizon.

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